I wanna dance with you….

I want to dance with you, twirl you all around the floor
That’s what they intended dancin’ for,
I just want to dance with you.
I want to dance with you, hold you in my arms once more,
That’s what they invented dancin’ for,
I just want to dance with you.

dance with me

I caught you lookin’ at me when I looked at you,
Yes I did, ain’t that true?
You won’t get embarrassed by the things I do,
I just want to dance with you.

Happy Friday Folks

Food Photography

OK, so yes I own a restaurant, i’m always around food, this should be a no brainer. Well you try being an Event Planner/Restaurant owner/Bartender/Peacekeeper and you tell me if you have time to even remember to pick up your camera… hmmm huh? not so glamorous huh? tee hee


Well yesterday we hosted a Bridal Shower. I was pretty certain that this was one photo I would capture. I love “Food Service” type photos. I always have..

So yes, I haven’t fallen off the earth. Me and My camera are still around.. Hope everyone is doing well



What do you love most?? Everyone answers “my family, my kids etc”.. BUT let’s be honest. THEY DRIVE US CRAZY!!!!
Photography doesn’t drive me crazy. Infact, it brings me joy EVERYTIME i’m around it. I LOVE being around other photographers – the energy, the conversation, the Nikon vs Canon battle.. hehe.. I LOVE the feedback I get for my work. I LOVE other people’s work. Photography makes me smile ALL THE TIME!!


Photography – whether it be of food, places, portraits, weddings, macros… It truly doesn’t matter. I read atleast two photography articles everyday.

So yes, what do I love most??? PHOTOGRAPHY!! There, I said it. mwahahaha.

FYI: I shall plead the fifth if asked that question by human friends and you virtual ones who probably feel the same.. hehe


Fun with Shadows

Had an appointment in the City yesterday. AND YES, I took my camera 35mm f1.8 lens attached.. Didn’t feel inspired much. Wasn’t sure what to shoot, if anything at all.. I used to do the city all the time. Today, it felt ordinary.. GAH!!!

I had to wait for my hubby, so found a place to lean. Thinking, ok, I can shoot some street portraits.. I just didn’t feel it.. Then I realised – OH WAIT!! love the shadows, the light vs dark.. Problem is how do you capture that so that it tell a story? So that the photo makes sense to any random person so looked at it..

The HE walked by……….


This shot is straight from the camera.. I love the silhouette it created. You know exactly what his profession is. You can visible see the tell tale signs of what city he’s in.. To me, this makes a great shot.. Of course, to many of you….. haha i’m sure it’s not… LOLOLOL

But I smiled and this is the purpose of my blog. To find that place where my photography can make me smile again.

Thanks for reading

Combination of love and hate..

Well another week went by and not many photos taken. I snap a few with my phone during Events, so I can post on the biz pages.. Why even bother with external flashes and ISO.. Yes I know I’m waking up a bit bitter today..

drop bokeh

I’m exhausted. My Camera battery is dying and I don’t even feel the urgency to charge it.. OOH i do like that life’s comparison, if I do say so myself.

So today’s photo is combination of little love and hate. My two favorite photography technique and subject – droplets and bokeh mixed with despair. BECAUSE i can produce these in 3 frames. IMAGINE if i just had “me” time to work on exposure, framing, design… OH WELL!! I’m a writer on an island with no ink, so I take the opportunity to drag my toe in the sand…

hehehe!! I love to write